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Lang Bao company is a modern enterprise, combined with technology research and development, product design, manufacturing and pre-sales and after-sales service, which provides‘one-stop service’ of the whole food and beverage line. At the beginning of the century, the company was established, with registered capital of 10 million yuan. It was located in the easily accessible Langfang city, Hebei province, which is adjoining to Beijing and Tianjin.
Business cope of the company: the businesses of company mainly include the equipment and corollary equipment of water, tea drinks, vegetable juices, carbonated beverages, wine, oil, condiments, drugs, chemical products and other kinds of liquids and liquid-solid products, our company also provides one-stop professional service for wide clients, such as the shape design of packages, product formula of beverage, plant design of beverage plants, and the process design and consulting of beverage craft. Now the company mainly provides the product lines of oral liquid, glass bottles, canned food and beverage, PET ultra-clean line, and the design, installment, adjustment, after-sales service of PET water/beverage product line.
Main products of the company include: water treatment system, pre-deployment system, ultra-clean medium temperature filling product line, metal thread cover multi-position and all-in-one equipment for glass bottles, three-screw cover multi-position and all-in-one equipment for glass bottles, metal crown lid multi-position and all-in-one equipment for glass bottles, back-end sterilization product line and so on. While improving the above products fully, the design team of the company still designs and develops featured products independently, for example, cap screw three-in-one filling AIO for oral liquid has been applied for several enterprises in China producing health care beverage after years of independent research and development, on the basis of the introduction of foreign metal crown lid capping technique, such as  QuanJian Natural Medicine Science and Technology Development Limited Company, Guizhou Huakai Agricultural Science and Technology Company, Tongliao Malaqin Biotech Company and so on.
The ultra-clean filling production line adheres to the principle and original design intention of miniaturization, modularization and intelligence.  
1. Miniaturization and modularization: The equipment integrates the disinfectant preparation unit, the sterile water preparation unit, the sterile compressed air and clean steam preparation unit, the COP foam preparation unit, the material feed valve array, the balance tank unit, and the liquid tank seal unit. And these units are intensively installed on the top side of combined machine, and are integrated with the machine. The equipment is space-saving and covers a small area; The distance between units of various functions is shorten, which shortens the length of connected pipelines, decreased the number of craters and lowers the risk of product contamination effectively; The prefabrication of various pipelines can centralize advantageous processing equipment and workers, making the quality of sealing and assembling to reach a higher level that field fabrication cannot reach; That more sealing and assembling work are under prefabrication means that the time of field fabrication can be reduced greatly. 
2. Intelligence: each node of the whole system utilizes automatic valve and instrument controlling, and one-button operation has been realized in the process of cleaning, sterilization, producing, even in the process of discharging. The strict manufacturing crafts: body frames of equipment use high quality rolled steel sealing and VSR vibration aging treatment, which will reduce or homogenize the interior stress of body frames to get the stable dimensional accuracy. Axis parts generally use professional heat treatment craft to make themselves reach to the best performance according to their different materials. All pipeline craters averagely use TIG both-side argon protection sealing, which seal on the one side but shape on the both sides. The quality of sealing of each crater is checked by industrial endoscopes.    
Human sources and management levels of the company:
The Langbao company owns a team of staff with high quality, high education, group spirit and creative spirit. Now, there are over one hundred staff in the company, including over 30 professional and technical personnel. There are many departments in the company, such as finance department, personnel department, sales department, purchasing department, technical department, engineering department, after-sales department, manufacturing shops and so on. Relevant position staff have abundant experience of mechanical industry design, production and processing and assembling.
Design and development strength:
The design team of Langbao company uses CAD, CAXA, SOLIDWORKS graphics software and 3D drawing software to design and develop products. Technical personnel are all of college degree or above, with many years of experience of machine and whole line engineering design. With the effort in research and innovation, now the product technology level of company has led in this industry. There are over hundred kinds of products which were developed and well-fixed maturely. The market share of relevant company products has been far ahead. Currently, there are many products in the company has achieved national patent certificates ( a pneumatic-type lid tightener whose patent number is ZL 2010 2 0131954.3 and a liquid-level control device used in the filling machine whose patent number is ZL 2008 2 0180895.1). At the same time, the company still adheres to the principle of ‘the forefront of technology’ and ‘the maximal satisfactions of clients’, and reaches to customers’ satisfaction with ‘best performance, lowest price, the most thoughtful service’, and cooperates with senior specialists in organizations such as Tsinghua University, Harbin Business School, Dalian Light Industry Institute, Tianjin Business School, South China Institute of Technology, Wuxi Light Industry College and so on, and maker efforts to solve customers’ problems and study current products in China deeply, so as to serve customers better.
Production and processing strength of the company:
Through continuous development, the company’s annual capacity can reach 80-100 sets of main intelligent equipment, 20-30 PET whole lines for cans and glass bottles, 2-5 ultra-clean production lines. There are several manufacturing shops, such as plate-work shop, machining workshop, end-product assembly workshop and so on, owning several dozens of processing equipment such as CNC machining center, hydraulic bending machine, shearing machine, CNC wire cutting machine, metal band sawing machine, boring mill, lathe, milling machine and grinding machine.
Sales performance:
Company products are sold across the country and international market, now the company has cooperated with Beijing Red Bull, Dalian Haisheng, Yunnan Aodi ao, Shenyang Huishan Dairy, Happy Home, Sichuan Jiamei, Harbin Golden Apple, Dalian Future, Zhejiang Lanmei, Shandong Ju Xinyuan, Tibet Qingke Liquor, Guangxi Nanning 6:30, Xinjiang Golden Pastoral and other enterprises successfully, the products are exported to Libya, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea, Russia, North Korea, Albania, Myanmar and other regions and the company has provided good equipment and improved service for various food and beverage manufacturers.
Langbao Company has been established for 17 years, which is both a new brand and an experienced old brand. We have been adopting advantages and avoiding disadvantages of all enterprises, innovating with keen determination, drawing lessons from the past so as to create more perfect products and serve customers better for these years. Living up to customers’ expectations, the products of the company have been sold across the country and haven been exported to foreign countries. The current achievements of Langbao company can’t leave support and cares from new and old customers, we still adhere to the only principle of providing best production decisions, best equipment and the most intimate service for users. We will still rise up the spine of national beverage packaging machines with full enthusiasm, sincere cooperative attitude, win-win operation principle and good products.